Cluster stars

Cluster stars offer an even bigger challenge to reduce the various numbering systems used into a coherent one. Once a basic reference has been adopted for a cluster, all other numbering systems are transformed to the adopted one, and a cross-identification table is built to keep track of the transformations. Such tables have been described by Mermilliod (1979, A&AS 36, 163) and have been considerably developed for thedatabase for stars in open clusters (WEBDA).

The adopted numbering system, as given by the references given in the description of the code-numbering system, was used first, but was often extended either by simply continuing the sequential numeration or by adding a constant to the non-common star numbers of any new numbering system. This is indicated by the presence of a second reference and an indication of the value of the constant added, for instance: (no + 1000).

For globular clusters, the problem is more difficult due to the complex style often used to identify the stars. As a rule, published identifications have been retained, because there are seldom two or more sources of photoelectric data.

Reference lists for the star numbering of

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