Field Star Designation

We have used different strategies to translate the various kinds of stellar designation depending on the published ones and existing catalogues.

HD, HDE and DM catalogues
To collect the field stars we have first considered the largest catalogues commonly used like the HD, HD Extension and the Durchmusterungen.
Other catalogues or lists
When the star is not included in the largest catalogues, we have tried to find an identification in existing catalogues and lists, according to the star specific characteristics (high luminousity, large proper motion, faint and blue, and so on).
Stars in sequences by constellation
Star are sometimes identified by the constellation name and a sequential number. We have therefore designed a specific code number to record them containing the constellation code and a key to the bibliographic reference.
Stars in multiple tables
Papers sometimes contain multiple tables with individual sequences. Several stars have therefore the number 1 and the code number contains also the table number to differentiate them.
Last update: 16 March 1996