Recent Improvements

8 October 1997

Added the possibility to query the database with numbers from the Gliese catalogue of Nearby Stars and from the catalogue of variable stars.

30 September 1997

It is now possible to query the database with SAO numbers. A cross-index (SAO - Code number) has been built.

11 June 1996

The form to query the catalogues has been slightly modified.
Now, the limit in RA for a query by coordinates should be given in minute of arc!

As link has been established with the ADS Abstract Service. A "Datalink" is given in the ADS output which makes a connection to the GCPD and displays the available data for the selected paper.
The references in our output now display the "BibCode" and offers a direct access to the ADS Abstract Service.

31 May 1996

The form to query the General Index has been modified to make it easier to use.

It is now possible to query the photometric database with the HIC identifications. Still about 1400 HIC stars are not in the index file, since question about the component of double star system have not yet been solved.

To use the HIC identifier, simply use the HIC acronym and the star number, as you would do for the HD catalogue.

9 May 1996

General update
We have done a general update of all data collections and the database should contained a very large fraction of all photoelectric photometric data published before the end of 1995.
We have replaced the old system of duplicity remarks (D, 1, 2, ...) by true designation of the components (A, AB, B, BC and so on).
The database can be queried with the HIC identifications using a table of HIC - codes cross-references. Some 1400 codes have not yet been attributed, mainly for double star components.
Filter transmission curves
The filter transmission curves collected so far (about 20) are available by ftp from the photometry description.
A plot of the filter response curves is also displayed in the Web pages.

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Last update: 8 October 1997