Kruszewski uvBy photometric system

Basic Reference

Kruszewski A., 1966, Acta Astronomica 16, 285


A new four-colour photometric system is developed utilizing glass colour filters but with bands somewhat narrower than in case of conventional broad band photometry. The effective wavelengths of particular spectral bands are: lambda = 3520; 3780; 4600; 5500 A. The measurements of 104 bright stars show that this system is useful for two-dimensional classifications of unreddened F and G type stars or for discrimination of subdwarfs irrespective of their reddening. While being somewhat less accurate this system should have the advantage of fainter limiting magnitude in comparison with other intermediate band-width systems which have similar properties.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

Indices and Parameters

y, B-y, v-B, u-v, v-B0, u-v0


 Filter   wavelength   Width   Name
              [Å]       [Å]

   u         3600       460    2 mm Schott UG2  + 2 mm UG11
   v         3820       290    1 mm Schott UG2  + 1 mm BG12 + 1 mm GG18
   B         4700       330    2 mm Schott BG12 + 1 mm GG5  + 1 22 GG13
   y         5230       620    1 mm Schott BG18 + 1 mm OG4

Transmission curves


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