The Miner photometric system

Basic Reference

Miner E.D., 1966, Astrophys. J. 144, 1101


Photometric measurements utilizing narrow-band interference filters have been made for 106 F5-K5 stars brighter than apparent magnitude 7.0. The spectral features measured were the G-band, the CN-band at 4200 Å, and a metallic- abundance index m'. The resulting spectral indices are calibrated against B-V colors and visual absolute magnitudes using stars with well-determined colors and accurate trigonometric or cluster parallaxes. B-V colors and absolute magnitudes are predicted with probable errors of +- 0.02 and +- 0.4 mag, respectively. The results are applied to measurement of eighteen members of eclipsing binary systems, twele of which are the fainter components of their respective systems. All the fainter components are found to exhibit moderate to extreme deficiencies in their metal-to-hydrogen ratios relative to solar abundances. For the Hyades and Praesepe giants the G-band is found to be somewhat weak relative to field stars of the same color and magnitude. CN anomalies not reflected by corresponding anomalies in the G-band give rise to errors in the predicted Mv values, but for most stars this effect is considered small. Further complications in Mv predictions arise for stars with high rotational velocities.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

Indices and Parameters

g, n, m, bv
    g  = cte + 2.5 [log I(4390) - log I(4305)]
    n  = cte + 2.5 [log I(4260) - log I(4160)]
    m  = cte + 2.5 [log I(4520) - log I(4305) - log I(4861)]
    bv = cte + 2.5 [log I(5600) - log I(4390)]


 Filter  Name                        wavelength  Width
                                        [Å]       [Å]

  4160 : Baird Atomic B-1               4160       60
  4260 : Baird Atomic B-3 + film        4260      160
  4305 : Spectrolab                     4305       60
  4390 : Baird Atomic B-1               4390       70
  4520 : Baird Atomic B-1               4520       70
  4861 : Baird Atomic B-3 + film        4861      220
  5600 : Baird Atomic B-9               5600       50


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