The Tebbe photometric system

Basic Reference

Tebbe P.L. 1969, Astron. J. 74, 920


Halpha and Hbeta indices are obtained by interference-filter methods at Georgetown College Observatory in Washington, D.C. Straight-line transformations are made to the Crawford and Mander (1966, AJ 72, 114) standard system. The technique of using alpha and beta indices together, as described by Abt and Golson (1966, ApJ 143, 306) is used to obtain a good separation of B-type supergiants from Be stars.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

Indices and Parameters

alpha, beta


Halpha narrow
Peak wavelength: 6570 Å ; Width : 45 Å
Halpha wide
Peak wavelength: 6550 Å ; Width : 157 Å
Hbeta narrow
Peak wavelength: 4863 Å ; Width : 39 Å
Hbeta wide
Peak wavelength: 4837 Å ; Width : 184 Å



RCA C-31000 B


The beta parameters in the Crawford and Mander (CM) system are computed from the beta index in the present system with the following relations:

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Last update: 21 May 1996