The Cester photometric system

Basic Reference

Cester B., Giuricin G., Mardirossian F., Pucillo M., Castelli F., Flora U. 1977, A&AS. 30, 1


293 bright stars of spectral types O, B, A, F and of luminosity classes I through V have been measured with a photoelectric photometer equipped with two interference filters of 30 Å bandwidth, one centred on Halpha and the other at lambda 6622. A correction term has been allowed for the response of the photometric system and for the energy distribution of the continuum at the two spectral regions considered. The resulting photometric alpha indices of Halpha line strength are compared with previous Halpha, Hbeta, Hgamma photometric measures, Halpha equivalent widths, the MK spectral type, [u-b], [c1] and b-y indices of the photometric system u, v, b, y. The results emphasize the advantage of using Halpha line photometry to discriminate between emission line effects and luminosity effects in early-type stars and to detect emission line variability.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

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