The Feinstein photometric system

Basic Reference

Feinstein A. 1974, MNRAS 169, 171


A description of the results obtained with photoelectric measures through interference filters of the Balmer lines Halpha, Hbeta and Hgamma are presented. Two hundred and ninety-eight objects are listed, including 92 normal stars employed as standards, 133 Be, 41 early B, 17 metallic-line, nine helium-weak, one cepheid and five miscellaneous stars. Three satellites of Jupiter and one of Saturn were also measured to infer the same data for the Sun.

The early-type emission and non-emission stars were clearly separated from a comparison of the alpha and beta indices. It was found that about 40 per cent of the Be stars display changes in the index from a comparison with older measures obtained by Mendoza or Crawford.

It is suggested that an estimate of the emission in Be stars is available through comparison of alpha and beta indices.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

Indices and Parameters

alpha, beta, gamma



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