The Zinn photometric system

Basic Reference

Zinn R. 1980, Astrophys. J. Suppl. 42, 19


Photoelectric photometry of the integrated light of globular clusters in selected filter passbands has been used to derive estimates of their interstellar reddening and metal abundances (i.e., [Fe/H]). The uncertainties in these estimates average +-0.03 in E(B-V) and +-0.10 in [Fe/H}, which are not much larger than the uncertainties in the estimates derived from the best methods that rely on observations of individual stars in the clusters. Seventy-nine globular clusters have been observed with our technique, which brings to 84 the total number of globular clusters with precise estimates of metal abundance.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

Indices and Parameters

g, u-v, v-g, g-r, 39B-g, 39N-g


 Filter   wavelength   Width   Name
              [Å]       [Å]

   u         3600       380    2 mm Schott BG8  + 4 mm UG11
   v         3940       450    3 mm Schott BG38 + 4 mm UG3 + 1 mm BG1 + 1 mm GG13
   g         4930       700    3 mm Schott BG38 + 1 mm GG460 + Kodak Wratten 460
   r         6550       810    6 mm Schott RG2  + 1 mm BG20
   39B       3920       180    interference filter
   39N       3950        70    interference filter


S20 photocathode
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