The 8-colours photometric system

Basic Reference

Tedesco E.F., Tholen D.J., Zellner B. 1982, AJ 87, 1585


A new photometric system has been established in order to obtain compositionally diagnostic information on the spectral reflectance of faint asteroids and planetary satellites. Eight broad-band filters include standard UBV and range in effective wavelength from 0.34 to 1.04 micron. At the longer wavelengths we use an InGaAsP photomultiplier of high quantum efficiencies which, when used in conjunction with a 2-m telescope, allows routine work to magnitude 17 and fainter. We present magnitudes and color indices, with mean uncertainty +- 0.006 mag, for 50 standard stars. The zero point of the system is established by setting the mean colors of four of these standards, considered to be solar analogs, to zero. The results imply U-B = 0.20 +- 0.02 and B-V = 0.67 +- 0.02 for the colors of the Sun.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

Indices and Parameters

V, s-v, u-v, b-v, v-w, v-x, v-p, v-z


 Filter    wavelength    FWMH     Type
               [Å]        [Å]
   s          3100         80     3 mm Corning CS 7-54 + 1 mm T-12 Optosil I grade glasses
   u          3200        133     3 mm Corning 9863
   b          4300        110     2 mm Schott GG 13 + 6 mm Corning CS 5-57
   v          5450         55
   w          7050         68
   x          8600         80
   p          9550         83
   z         10550         90

v, w, x, p, z : Corion Industries interference filters.