The Moffet & Barnes BVRI system

Basic Reference

Moffett T.J., Barnes III T.G. 1979, PASP 91, 180


A thorough test of Fernie's instrumentation system for matching the Johnson BVRI photometric system has been made. From 1,526 observations of 186 stars in the Arizona-Tonantzintla Catalogue, we find excellent transformations, except for a slight curvature in the (B-V) transformation, which is easily removed, and a difficulty in (R-I) for highly reddened stars. Photometric values and their uncertainties are given for all the stars, and these are of sufficient quality to serve as secondary standards in BVRI for small-to moderate-size telescopes (1-m).


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

I. Census parameters for 167 photometric system
II. Band and reddening parameters

Indices and Parameters

V, B-V, U-B, V-R, R-I



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Last update: 11 October 2002