The Neckel & Chini UBVRI system

Basic Reference

Neckel Th., Chini R. 1980, A&A.Suppl. 39, 411


A list of 60 faint UBVRI standards is presented. Their UBV magnitudes are in the system introduced by Johnson (1955) and their V-I colors are in the system of the Arizona Tonantzintla catalogue by Iriarte et al. (1965). These stars are spread over an equatorial belt with |delta| < 30 deg., so that they can be observed as well from northern as from southern sites.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

Indices and Parameters

V, U-B, B-V, V-R, R-I, V-I


U : 1.5 mm Schott UG2
B : 1 mm Schott BG3 + 2 mm GG385
V : 3 mm Schott GG495
V : 3 mm Schott GG495 + 1 mm BG18
R : 3 mm Schott OG590 + 2 mm Calflex C
I : 3 mm Schott RG780


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Last update: 13 September 2002