Variable stars

We did not compile the whole light curve for variable stars, but generally kept the measurement corresponding to the brightest magnitude. This is intended only to keep track of the data sources and be able to go back to the original papers.

Consequently, the dispersion of the measurements does not correspond to the real amplitude. It may be artificially low if all observations selected are close to the maximum of the light curve.

If a star has been declared variable by an observer, but has not yet received a variable star designation, the remark "V" has been indicated.

Coding of the variable stars

Each constellation has received a number and the star identification (letters) have been translated to figures, A to Z being translated to 1 to 26.

The final coding for variable stars is like:

65XX0BBBB, for star name like DF Tau

DF Tau becomes 657900406 (65 79 0 04 06), where
79 is the constellation number for Taurus
0 indicates that the original name was based on letters (DF)
04 and 06 stands for D and F respectively

65XX1BBBB, for star name like V380 Ori

V380 Ori becomes 656010380 (65 60 1 0380), where
60 is the constellation number for Orion
1 indicates that the original number had the form Vxxxx (V380)
0380 is the star designation

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Last update: 7 Novembre 1995