The uvby photometric system

Basic References

Strömgren B. 1956, Vistas in Astron. 2, 1336 (Abstract)
Crawford D.L., Mander J. 1966, Astron. J. 71, 114


572 references
66135 stars


Up-to-date to mid 2002

Access to the data and references

Form to query the uvby catalogue
Form to query the bibliographic reference file

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

I. Census parameters for 167 photometric system
II. Band and reddening parameters

Indices and Parameters

V, b-y, m1, c1, beta

m1 = (v - b) - (b - y)
c1 = (u - v) - (v - b)


Width[Å] Remarks
u 3500 300
v 4110 190
b 4670 180
y 5470 230
beta narrow 4858 29 (Kitt Peak no 9)
beta wide 4850 129 (Kitt Peak no 10)

Transmission curves



Calibrations are described in several papers.


In the course of a systematic comparison of photometric data, a number of problems have been found, but could not be solved. Generally the data associated with a star identification are not in agreement with those from other systems, usually the UBV, Geneva and Walraven systems.


A few printing errors have been found in tables.

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