The WBVR photometric system

Basic Reference

Kornilov V.G., Volkov I.M., Zakharov A.I., et al. 1991, Tr. Gos. Astron. Inst. Shternberga 63


The four-colour WBVR photoelectric magnitudes obtained from original observations are listed for 13586 northern sky objects which are bright stars and sometimes multiple systems. The measurements have been done using a four-channel photometer attached to the 0.5m reflector of Tien Shan high-altitude station of Sternberg Astronomical Insitute. The observational details, device and photometric system description are collected in the introduction, where also are presented some results of the analysis of the data and of the catalogue study. The catalogue contains practically all stars brighter than7.2m with declination greater than -14d.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

Indices and Parameters

V, W-B, B-V, V-R


Transmission curves


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