The Jn, Kn, Ln photometric system

Basic Reference

Selby M.J., Hepburn I., Blackwell D.E., Booth A.J., Haddock D.J., Arribas S., Leggett S.K., Mountain C.M. 1988, Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. 74, 127


Measurements of narrow bands (Jn, Kn, Ln) magnitudes for 176 stars made at the Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife, are presented together with probable errors. Tests of the probable errors are given. Transformation between these narrow band magnitudes and Johnson magnitudes are proposed.


Access to the data and references

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

I. Census parameters for 167 photometric system
II. Band and reddening parameters


FilterPeak Wavelength

Transformation to JKL Johnson

V-J = -0.044 + 0.988 (V - Jn)
V-K = -0.020 + 0.989 (V - Kn)
V-L = -0.038 + 0.981 (V - Ln)

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