The UBV photometric system

Basic Reference

Johnson H.L., Morgan W.W. 1953, ApJ 117, 313 (Abstract)


1704 references
112747 stars

Status of the catalogue

Up-to-date to mid 2002

Access to the data and references

Form to query the UBV catalogues
Form to query the bibliographic reference file

Asiago Database on Photometric System (ADPS)

I. Census parameters for 167 photometric system
II. Band and reddening parameters

Indices and Parameters

V, B-V, U-B

Color-free Index

Q = (U-B) - 0.72 (B-V)


U Corning 9863
B Corning 5030 + Schott GG13
V Corning 3384

Transmission curves


RCA 1P21


Intrinsic (B-V) and (U-B) colours in function of the MK spectral types have been published by Schmidt-Kaler.
This figure presents the colour-colour diagram for the stars brighter than V = 6.6.
Calibrations in terms of effective temperature and metallicity are described in a few papers.


A big effort has been made to identify anonymous stars on the DM charts. We provide complete lists of the cross-references found, publication per publication.


In the course of a systematic comparison of photometric data, a number of problems have been found, but could not be solved. Generally the data associated with a star identification are not in agreement with those from other systems, usually the uvby, Geneva and Walraven systems.


A few printing errors have been found in published tables.

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Last update: 13 September 2002